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We are professional, friendly and certified engineers with over 10 years in computer repair and products from best companies like:
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We can connect remotely from our office to your computer and  fix it NOW    NO FIX - NO PAY !
  Computer fix and tune up for SPEED   Virus, spyware, malware removal
  Lost data recovery and backup   Computer setup - software, drivers, printers
  Repair Windows problems and errors   Any other computer related problem
Besides brain we have a big HART 15 % will go to homeless kids and poor persons
Don't you want to repair your computer AND to be a HERO ?
Free diagnostic         Professional computer repair at discounted price of  39.99 $ /h        24 hours / 7 days service


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Call us on

1 800 407 44 80
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Computer problems fixed
under 30 minutes will cost only
29.99 $
More complex problems fixed
under 60 minutes will cost only

59.99 $
Time consuming issues like
viruses or data recovery

39.99 $ per hour
Long computer fix
Complex computer fix

Fast computer fix


Computer repair online

Frequently asked questions

Computer repair online - what are the advantages?

  You donít have to take it to a computer repair shop and to wait a few days or even a week until itís fixed

  You donít have to wait for a technician to come to your house (a stranger) and to stick with him a few hours until he
   will fix your computer

  You donít have to worry about some geek from the computer repair shop that might look at your private pictures or files

  Itís cheaper to fix the computer online because itís not involving traveling time and gas

  Online you can watch the entire process on your screen or you can do whatever you want all this time

  You have total control of the remote session and you can end it anytime if you want

   Conclusion: computer fix online = you'll save a lot of time and money, itís safer and more convenient

Computer repair - why to choose Smart FIX PC?

  We are professional IT engineers with university degrees in computer science and everyone from our team have 2 or more
   certifications from Microsoft, Vmware, CISCO, CompTIA

  Everyone of us have at least 10 years of experience in computer repair, servers, IT networks, data centers administration

  Our discounted price of 39.99 $ per hour is a great deal for you, because usually other computer repair companies have
   prices between
70 and 120 $ per hour.

   Even if on their websites sometimes they pretend to have lower prices, they usually have hidden taxes, so in the end you'll
   pay way too much for the computer repair.

  We donít have a fee for the diagnostic - itís free.
In the meanwhile other companies charge 50 $ just to diagnose your computer problems.

  We donít have an ďemergency fee" even if we will fix the computer now, while others will charge you 100 $ to fix it now.

  We don't ask you to pay upfront like others do.

  We want you to be happy after we solved all the problems, because it gives us satisfaction and because you could come
   back in the future and you might recommend us to your friends.

"Fix your computer nowĒ means that we're really going to start fixing your computer NOW and even when we're very  
    busy we do our best to start fixing you computer as soon as possible (usually in less than an hour after you contacted us).

∑  We are happy to answer your questions regarding your computer problems, printer, router, or other devices and to help   
   you in the best way we can

Can you fix my computer online no matter what the problem is?

We can fix problems regarding software like virus removal, Windows problems, software settings, driver problems.

We can also make a slow computer to run much faster, fix registry problems, printer or router problems, we can recover lost files and many others.

However, we can't solve hardware problems remotely, like replacing a damaged power source or any other malfunction part, so if your computer doesn't start at all you should probably take it to a computer repair shop to be fixed.

Also, we can't help you when your Internet connection it's not working.

What can I do if my computer doesn't turn on?

In this case you should unplug the cable (usually is black and thicker) from the power outlet, wait for 5 minutes, plug it in and try to start it up again. Also you should test the power outlet with another device to see if it's working.

If your computer it's still not starting up it's possible to have a hardware issue and in this case you should take it to a computer repair shop or give them a call to send you a professional technician.

What can I do if my Internet connection it's not working?

First thing you can try is to reset your router (modem) by disconnecting and reconnecting it to the power outlet again after 5 minutes. It will take another 2 minutes to start. You should also restart your computer because sometimes it helps.

Now you should try to see if your connection is working and if it's not, you should test it with another device, like a tablet or smart phone, if you have one.

Next step is to call your Internet service provider and to ask them to test your connection and they should guide you over the phone and eventually to send a technician to solve it (for free if it is their fault).

How long my computer repair



The average time is 2 hours, but it can be more or less depending on your computer problems and speed, but also depends on your Internet connection speed.

While we are fixing it you can stay with us on the phone and you can watch what we are doing, or you can do whatever you want, but still we have to ask you a few questions about the computer's problems before we start and we would like you to test it after we'll finish repairing it,  just to be sure you are completely satisfied.

Do you only fix old computers?

No, we can also setup a new one if it is connected to the Internet, we can install a new printer, we can help you to connect your smart phone, tablet, or any other device, we can install any new software you need and make it work as you wish.

We can also help you make a new email account at Gmail, Yahoo or whatever you prefer, a new Google+, Facebook, Skype or any other account you wish.

We can also help you understand how these things are working and we can show you how to use them.
We have a lot of patience, we are very friendly and we enjoy to help people.

My computer is too slow, can you help me?

Sure, this is the most usual situation we encounter daily and we have a lot of experience with it.

A computer gets slow because of a lot of reasons:

- The Windows operating system it's affected in time by a lot of problems like poor software, corrupted files caused by viruses, hard disk errors and so on

- Sometimes when someone install freeware software and doesn't pay attention to unmark some options can install several others unwanted things
  which will slow down the computer and cause a lot of troubles

- Viruses, malware, adware, spyware are all over the Internet and without a good antivirus installed and updated you can easily get your computer infected

- Windows registry gets bigger and bigger in time and can also cause issues

- Computer hard disk will have too fragmented information on it over some time and will became slow

Of course there are many other reasons, but we have solutions for all of them, so yes, we can make your computer much faster.

I bought an antivirus and installed it, am I safe?

There is no such thing as perfect antivirus unfortunately and if it's hard to say which one is the best.

We tested a lot of them in time and we can recommend you a few which are in top 3 in the last years, but
it's not the case to buy a new one because usually a free antivirus can be enough for you.

Paid versions of antiviruses have several additional modules which you might don't really need them and it's a lot of marketing involved, so you can have a very good protection with a free version.

Should I fix my computer or it's better to buy a new one?

If you have a big budget and you are starting to use some new software or games which requires a lot of power then you have the answer, but you have to know that the 500$ computer from the tv or magazine advertising it's a lot more expensive.


- It usually comes without Windows, so you will probably need a new Windows 7 or Windows 8 license

- The operating system (Windows) have to be installed and configured by someone, so - additional cost again

- Your old hardware like printer, modem, or some other external devices might not have drivers in Windows 7 or 8, so you will have to buy new additional hardware...

- Your files from your computer have to be transferred to the new one - more money

- Your new version of Windows might not be compatible with some of your software, so you will need to buy new versions of these software, too

- The time and effort for all this change could be too much if you are not working at NASA and you are not designing a new spacecraft on your computer

The bottom line - it's a big adventure  to buy a new computer and it can cost you much more than you estimated.

If you were happy with your computer when it was new, we can make it work as fast as new or even faster.

How can you connect remotely over Internet to fix my computer?

The remote connection tools are very useful software invented many years ago and they are used all over the world by computer engineers.

They allow them to connect from the distance over Internet to any computer even if it's located in another
city or another country.

As you know, big companies have offices all over the world and they have a lot of computers, but sometimes the IT department could be located only in one place.

Computer problems are everywhere and because IT engineers canít travel so fast all over the world they need a tools to make them able to fix computer problems fast, without traveling.

So, one of these remote connection tool will allow us to connect to your computer and fix it if you will downloaded and run it.

After that you will see a little window with an ID and password and after you will tell us those two numbers, we will securely connect and weíll start fixing your computer while you can watch it on your screen.

Itís like we will watch TV together and we have the remote, but letís say you donít like what you see, then you can take the control in every moment and close the session (as simple as hanging up the phone).

Anyway, we are sure youíll like what you are going to see, because itís like an invisible magician itís fixing your computer, doing strange things, while you are watching on the screen.

Call us on

1 800 407 44 80